The cost to rebuild a fence

We have officially finished our fence, YAY!! And I wanted to share the cost to rebuild a fence for us. But before that, if you happened to miss the before how about I remind you?


And what post is not complete without an after picture? Please look past the dry grass, we need to install sprinklers in the back…

How we installed a new fence and stained it.

How to stain a cedar fence.

What do you think? It’s pretty amazing if I say so myself! If you happened to missed a post or want to see the whole process, see below for the links! But the big question I always have when I am reading a blog project is: What was the cost to do that?

So to make things easy I decided to place it all in one post.

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Find the list of tools we use.

So in total, we paid $1811 to replace and stain our whole fence. Not what we wanted to spend our money on today but it does help with our curb appeal. Anyone else need to replace their fence or build one? And as stated earlier, here are the links to each step of the rebuild.

Re-bracing Fence – PART 1
Installing Cedar Pickets – PART 2
Installing Post for Gate – PART 3
Building A Gate Pergola – PART 4
Building Gate – PART 5
Staining Fence – PART 6

I hope this will help you make your fence look a little bit nicer because it has transformed our fence!



  1. Tom Stinson says:

    Looks wonderful and your instructions were easy to follow. How long did it take yo just build the gate?

    1. Thanks Tom! I believe it took us a total of 4 hours for the gate but I could be wrong because that was a while ago.

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