Simple Nightstand

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Something the hubby has really been wanting lately is a nightstand to place stuff on. We have been saving a scrap piece of wood leftover from our TV stand and our kitchen bench, and the size of the board was perfect for a nightstand. So out came the sketch pad and we designed one. And because this is his, he decided he wanted to paint the base and stain the top. Here is his finished simple nightstand.

build a simple nightstand

Want to make your own? Let me show you how.

Build a Simple Nightstand

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  • 2″x12″x20″ board
  • 1″x12″x8ft board
  • 1″x8″x4ft board
  • 2 hinges
  • 1 knob
  • paint (optional)
  • stain (optional)
  • polycrylic (optional)
  • 1/2″ Black Floor Flange
  • 1/2″ Black Cap
  • 1/2″ Black Pipe Nipple
  • #10 x 3/4″ Wood Screws, comes in 25 pack (found at your local hardware store, looks like this)
  • 1-1/4″ screws
  • wood filler
  • caulk
  • 1″ finishing nails
  • magnetic latch
  • 1/4″ MDF sheet 2’x4′


Find the list of tools we use.


CUT LIST: actual size of wood
1- 2″x19 3/4″x11 3/4″ (top)
2- 3/4″x11 1/4″x22 1/2″ (sides)
2- 3/4″x11 1/4″x17 1/2″ (shelf & bottom)
1- 3/4″x7 1/4″x17 1/4″ (door)
-1/4″ MDF  cut to fit back (ours was about 19″x22″)

After cutting all the wood, we used our Kreg Jig K5 and created pockets in the wood. We placed 2 on the tops of the sides (these will be on the inside). Next we placed 4 on the shelf and bottom, 2 on each 11 1/4 side. See diagram below:

Build a Night Stand

Next we filled in any dents in the wood that we did not want with the wood filler (I suggest doing this only if you plan on painting). After the wood filler dried, we took the orbital sander and sanded the wood with #220 grit sandpaper until the wood was smooth.

At this point, we stained the top board to save time later.

Now we started to assemble the nightstand, starting with the bottom and sides (remember the pockets face the inside of the stand). Then we added the top to the sides. After we attached the shelf, we spaced ours 7.5″ away from the top piece.

Then we took our nail gun and nailed the MDF back onto the stand.

build a night stand

Next I caulked all the seams where the wood meets together. You could also fill in all the pockets if you wanted.

Once the caulk dried, we painted the base of the stand in Behr color Greek Isles. Two coats later we were ready to add all the hardware.

For the knob, we picked out this cool pirate coin knob from Etsy then he found the hinges somewhere to match. For the feet/legs, we decided to use pipe, just like we did with our stump tables.

And here is the simple nightstand finished.

simple nightstand

What do you think?? How do you like the blue? It turned out brighter than we wanted but the hubby still likes it and maybe one day we will paint it another color.

DIY simple nightstand



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