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The easiest way to install an interior door

Do you want new interior doors? But the thought of installing the doors scare you (using shims and a nail gun). Well, I have the perfect product for you! This product will make installing an interior door easy plus it will save you time.

easier way to install an interior door


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  • level
  • drill

Find the list of tools we use.

The key to making this install easy is the quick door hanger brackets. They are amazing! It says that you can install a door in 10 minutes but for us, it took about 30 (this was our average it got easier and faster with each door).

express products quick door hangers

First I would suggest watching the companies video on how to install an interior door using their system. But I do have some tips of my own.

  • install the brackets only on the side that the door swings (the hinge side). We had to install one on the non-hinge side and this door took a long time to level.
  • have shims to place under the door for unlevel floors.
  • it helps to have two people!


First install the bracket onto the door, 3 per side and 6 in total.

install a door with quick door hangers

install an interior door

Create a level line on the wall where the bracket will be placed.

Place the door in the opening and attach the bracket to the wall that has the marked line. Each bracket will be secured on the same spot (this is how your door will be level because the line is level!).

install an interior door with quick door hangers

Next attach the other side of the door, starting at the top and checking the level for each bracket before securing.

Once all the brackets are fastened to the wall, check how your door swings and closes. Adjust any of the brackets if needed. And if everything looks good, your door is installed.

how to install an interior door

SIDE NOTE: We were installing solid core doors so I did add some shims in the gaps and nail the door frame to the studs. I did this only because of the weight of the door.

And this is the easy way to install an interior door using the Quick Door Hanger.

how to easily install interior doors