DIY Pendant Light Wrapped Around Pipe

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A tutorial on how to make a DIY pendant light wrapped around a pipe, plus the wood makes this a farmhouse light fixture.

To add more detail and character to a space doesn’t require spending lots of money, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. This DIY pendant light wrapped around a pipe covers both of these, it’s not difficult and doesn’t cost a lot of money, but it gives you the farmhouse style you want. How about I share how easy it is to create your light fixture.

DIY pendant light wrapped around pipe

What does it cost to create a hanging DIY pendant light?

The cost of this light does not include the screws because it will depend on if you buy a box or just a few. Plus if you use toggle bolts.

The total cost for this DIY hanging pendant light is about $60 plus the light bulbs but you usually have to factor that in with any light.

DIY Pendant Light Wrapped Around A Pipe

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Find the list of tools we use.


SIDE NOTE: There is electrical involved in this project, so please make sure you turn OFF the power to the lightbox. Plus I am not an electrician, and you should be aware that there are dangers in doing this project yourself, please be careful!

This light fixture was made for my sister-in-law.

STEP 1: Prep the wooden board

The style my sister-in-law wanted for this light was farmhouse modern. Which is the style she has for her whole house, see the farmhouse wood beam chandelier I created for her, its fantastic!

To keep the same style and look, the metal pipe needs to hang from a wood board. So the wood needs to be stained before assembling the light.

Cut the 1″x6″ board to 32″ then sand the board with #220 grit sandpaper.

SIDE NOTE: An orbital sander make this easy!

I like to wipe the board with a damp cloth then apply the stain. The stain used was a mixture of half Jacobean and half Classic Grey by Minwax.

Let the board fully dry.

STEP 2: Assemble the metal pipe

This step can be completed while the stain is drying.

The black metal pipe will be greasy so wash them just like you would dishes then thoroughly dry them.

Assemble the metal pipe by attaching the 90-degree elbow to the 24″ pipe then connect the 1-1/2″ pipe to the elbow. After connect the floor flanges to the 1-1/2″ pipe. Finally, adjust the pipes until the floor flanges will both sit evenly onto a flat surface.

Once your 32″ board has dried, place the metal pipe onto the board, so it is centered. Attach the floor flanges to the board using the 1-1/4″ screws.

placing metal floor flange on wood

TIP: Its always a great idea to pre-drill a hole!

Now you’re ready to place this onto the ceiling.

STEP 3: Mount the metal frame onto the ceiling

Before throwing the board onto the ceiling, you do need to find the trusts (studs) to secure it into place. Use the stud finder to locate your trusts in your desired location. You want to secure the board in four places (two trusts because they should be 24″ apart).

SIDE NOTE: There could be only one trust or no trust, if you find this you can use toggle bolts instead to secure the board, see this post about toggle bolts and how to use them.

Then pre-drill 1/8″ holes into the board where the trusts will be on the board. We placed two holes per trust on opposite sides of the board (about 1″ away from the edge of the board).

After secure the board and metal frame to the ceiling using the 2″ screws (or using the toggle bolts).

install wood onto wall for pendant light

STEP 4: Assembling the light fixture

Now its time to assemble the light fixture. Do this by attaching four of the pre-wired pendant lights (came in the spider light) to the ceiling canopy. Use the cord grip in the spider light to attach the wire to the canopy but do not over tighten or you will break the plastic.

TIP: Only tighten the cord grip so that the wire can still move and be adjusted in length.

Then wrap each pendant light around the pipe and create a knot in the wire around the pipe. Do this for each pendant light.

knot pendant light around pipe

TIP: Try to tie the lights in the order they come out of the canopy.

Next, adjust the length of each light, you can have them staggered or all one length. We had this one staggered!

hang pendant light around pipe

After adjust the length of each wire from the knot to the canopy, so that there will be a slight loop in the wire after the canopy is installed.

When the length is right for each wire, tighten the cord grip. Then trim the wires in the canopy and wire the light to the lightbox.

install DIY pendant light around pipe

TIP: When trimming the wires, leave at least 5″ so you can adjust if needed.

wrap light around pipe

And that’s how to create your own hanging DIY pendant light wrapped around a pipe. I hope this tutorial helps you update a light fixture in your home for cheap.

pendant light wrapped around pipe
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