How to create DIY farmhouse shelves with metal brackets

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A how-to tutorial on building DIY farmhouse shelves with metal brackets, perfect for a bathroom, kitchen, living room, home office, really anywhere you need shelves.

Do you love a home decorated in industrial farmhouse style? What about modern farmhouse? If you are saying yes to either of these questions you are going to love this home project tutorial. Read on to see how to create DIY farmhouse shelves with metal brackets. These shelves are perfect for the bathroom, home office, kitchen, living room, really any space in your home.

DIY custom farmhouse shelves

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The brackets that I used are custom made but don’t worry I have a full step-by-step tutorial on how to make a metal bracket on this post. So I am going to factor in a bunch of different things with the cost.

The cost of materials also depends on the size of the shelf you plan on having (length and width). But if you make shelves the same size as this tutorial, every two shelves (two brackets) will cost about $17 for materials.

For a total cost of less than $50 for all the materials to make four brackets and four shelves (this cost includes two 100+ boxes of screws).

farmhouse bathroom shelves

SIDE NOTE: If you make the brackets, they will cost about $6 per one but to purchase some similar brackets they will cost about $8. Here are a bunch of metal brackets with lips on Etsy.

DIY Farmhouse Shelves with Metal Brackets



Find the list of tools we use.


The first step in installing these DIY farmhouse shelves is marking the wall where studs are and placement of the shelves.

bathroom wall before shelves

Using a stud finder, find where the studs are in the wall. You will need two per shelf or if you do not have a stud in the wall where you need a bracket placed you can use toggle bolts, see this tutorial on how to use toggle bolts.

TIP: A magnetic stud finder will help with this.

Once the studs are located, decide where you want the placement of the bottom shelf. I wanted mine 22″ from the floor. Mark the wall at this measurement on the middle of the stud.

SIDE NOTE: Each custom bracket is 14″ apart.

Then space each shelf 14″ from the next shelf or you can have a bigger space between the third and second shelves. Mark each shelf location on the wall in the middle of a stud.

TIP: I like to check to make sure my marked lines are level for each shelf. This way my shelfs will be level.

leveling lines to place shelves

You will have four shelf so eight different marks on the wall, two marks for one shelf.


Now its time to create the wood for the shelves. The first step is cutting the wood for the shelves. Cut the 2″x10″ board to these measurements: 23-3/4″, 23-3/4″, 23-3/4″, and 23-3/4″.

SIDE NOTE: You need to remember that you cannot cut the board at exactly 24″ because of the width of the saw blade, you would not be able to get four boards at 24″.

After this I did cut one side at a 50-degree angle so that there was no pointy corner on that side.

Once your done with your cuts, sand the wood with #220 grit sandpaper.

TIP: An orbital sander helps makes the sanding process easier.

When the wood is smooth, wipe the boards with a rag. Then stain with your favorite stain, remember to follow the instructions on your can .

Let the stain dry then apply a finish, I like to use tung oil (see why it’s my favorite wood finish here). Let the finish dry too then move to step 3.


This step would be when you create your own custom DIY shelf brackets. But before creating the brackets lets talk about your wall being even.

If your not worried about your way being uneven, skip a head to the first bend. But if your walls are uneven, like mine, lets measure the wall before bending the metal. This is done by using the wood for the shelves and placing the board in the desired location (where the shelves will be placed).

SIDE NOTE: This could be a two person job!

Then measure the distance from the wall to the edge of the board, where ever you have marked the location of the studs that will be used to secure the brackets to the wall. Write down these measurements on a piece of paper so you can refiur to them on the second (and fourth) bend of the brackets.

Then use this DIY tutorial on how to make a metal shelf brackets with a lip. Plus there is even a video to help! Make sure you complete all three steps because after painting the brackets you’re ready to install them.

bending metal to make DIY farmhouse metal brackets

SIDE NOTE: You can buy individual brackets with a lip. Here are a bunch of metal brackets sold on Etsy.


Now that your custom DIY metal brackets are made (or if you happened to purchase them) it’s time to install the brackets onto the wall. Luck for you, you did the prep work in step 1.

So now all you need to do is place the bracket onto your marked wall location (stud). Make sure the top of the bracket is on your marked spot.

Using your level, level the bracket then mark the wall where the screw holes are on the bracket.

Next pre-drill the screw hole marks with a 1/8″ drill bit. After place the bracket using the 2″ metal to wood screws.

installing metal brackets

After move to the second bracket for this shelf. Place this bracket on the wall in the marked location. Now check the level of the bracket. Once the bracket is level, mark the wall where the screw holes are on the bracket.

leveling brackets for shelves

TIP: Before marking the screw holes, I like to make sure my brackets are level for where the shelf will sit. You did this in step 1 but it’s a good idea to double check!

Pre-drill the screw hole marks with a 1/8″ drill bit then place the bracket back on the wall.

pre-drill holes for screws

Align the holes then attach the bracket to the wall using the 2″ screws.

attaching metal bracket to wall

Complete this step for any other brackets you have.


Now its time to finish the shelf by adding the wood. This step is going to be the easiest one. Take one of the wood shelves that you have sanded and finished and place it onto the brackets.

Align the wood to where you want it placed them take four 1″ metal to wood screws and attach the bracket to the wood.

shelves with metal brackets

Complete this step for each shelf.

homemade shelfs

And now step back and admire your DIY farmhouse shelves. I love this industrial farmhouse style metal bracket! I hope this how-to tutorial helps you add more storage to your home but also makes you happy because it ups your level of home decor.

floating shelves in bathroom
attaching metal bracket to wall

DIY Farmhouse Shelves with Metal Brackets

Yield: Two Shelves
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 40 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Make custom DIY farmhouse shelves that have a metal lip.



  • miter saw
  • drill
  • stud finder
  • 1/8" drill bit
  • level
  • tape measure
  • orbital sander


  1. Mark the wall where the shelves will be located on studs and spacing of the shelves.
  2. Cut the wood for the shelves and finish the wood with stain plus finish.
  3. Make custom metal shelf brackets, full tutorial is found on this post.
  4. Install the bracket onto the wall.
  5. Attach the wood to the bracket and enjoy your shelves!


See full instructions at

diy farmhouse shelves
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