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DIY Clipboard Frames

A simple tutorial on how to easily display pictures in your home by creating DIY clipboard frames.

Displaying many pictures on one wall does not need to be complicated or cost a lot of money. One solution is creating DIY wooden clipboard frames. These frames are made from plywood (or another type of wood) and small clothespins, which makes changing the pictures even easier!

DIY clipboard frames

I decided to install these clipboard frames in our hallway because they are effortless and don’t take up space into the hall.

Also, welcome to this month’s At Home DIY challenge! Every month for a whole year, I am participating in a different challenge, and this month it’s a “Creative Wall challenge.” After my how-to tutorial, there is a link to 30 + other DIY home bloggers projects, so be sure to check those out.

Now let’s see how you can make a wooden clipboard frame.

DIY clothespins frames

DIY wooden clipboard frames

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You can print the material list and instructions below.

STEP 1: Cut and sand plywood

The amount of plywood you need to purchase will depend on the number of frames you want plus the size of your pictures.

In the example, I used 5×7 pictures in both landscape and portrait. The space from the top of the frame to the picture is 1.25″, where the other three sides have a .75″ gap. But to make the cutting process easier, here are the cutting sizes for a 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 picture.

  • 4×6: landscape is 7.5″ wide x 6″ tall and portrait is 5.5″ wide x 8″ tall
  • 5×7: landscape is 8.5″ wide x 7″ tall and portrait is 6.5″ wide x 9″ tall
  • 8×10: landscape is 11.5″ wide x 6″ tall and portrait is 9.5″ wide x 12″ tall

Decide on how many frames you want then determine the amount of wood you will need. I used less than a 2 foot by 4 foot plywood piece for twelve frames.

SIDE NOTE: I spaced each frame 2″ apart on the wall, and I would not recommend having the frames spaced closer than that.

Now that you know your cut sizes cut your plywood pieces.

After cutting, sand the wood with a#220 grit sandpaper.

SIDE NOTE: I did decide to round the corners of my frames.

If you want to paint or stain the wood, do so now.

STEP 2: Secure the clothespins onto the wood

Now that the frame is created, you need to secure the clothespins into place.

supplies for clipboard frames

TIP: I would recommend uses two small clothespins per frame.

Each clothespin will be 1/4″ from the top of the frame and 2″ from the side if its landscape or 1.5″ if the frame is portrait. Use a pencil to mark the frame slightly to these measurements.

determine spacing for clipboard frame

Then take one clothespin and apply a small amount of glue to one side.

gorilla glue used to glue clothespins

Place the clothespin onto one of the marked locations of the frame. The top of the clothespin is 1/4″ from the top of the frame and either 2″ or 1.5″ from the side.

TIP: Make sure the push part of the clothespin is at the top.

Place all the other clothespins the same way. Then let them dry according to the instructions of the glue.

glue clothespins to frames

TIP: The original gorilla glue I used foams as it dries. Use a Q-tip to wipe this away as it dries.

STEP 3: Attach the clipboard frame to the wall

There are many ways to attach a picture frame to a wall, but my favorite way does not require any nail holes.

If you want a more detailed tutorial, be sure to visit my post on how to install pictures without nails. But I am going to give you the quick version.

  1. Place two velcro strips together, you need at least four strips per frame.
  2. Place one strip onto the back of one side of the frame. Apply pressure for 30 seconds then attach a strip to the other side the same way.
  3. Attach strips to all your frames then let them sit for at least one hour to connect fully.
  4. Wipe the wall with rubbing alcohol, allow time for it to dry. Then attach the strips on the back of the frame to the wall, again applying pressure for 30 seconds.
  5. Remove the frame from the wall by angling the bottom of the frame up then allow everything to sit for at least one hour.
  6. Place the frames back in place on the wall.

Things to note about installing the frames:

  • Waiting for one hour is very important for the strips to connect fully. I found that if I did not do this, the strip would come off the frame.
  • Have a plan on how you want to install the frames by mark the wall with a pencil. And again, I spaced my frames 2″ from each side.
  • I drew lines for where each top and side of the frames would sit to make the process easier.
  • Use a small level to make sure your traced lines are level while you’re installing the frames.

STEP 4: Insert your pictures

Now that your frames are all on the wall place your pictures into the clothespins.

Then step back and enjoy your new gallery wall or clipboard wall.

clothespins frames for pictures

I hope this tutorial will help you quickly create clipboard frames to update pictures on your wall easier in the future.

display pictures with clothespins frames

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Yield: multiple frames

DIY Wooden Clipboard Frame

display pictures with clothespins frames

Easily change pictures with these DIY wooden clipboard frames.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Additional Time 3 hours
Total Time 4 hours 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $20


  • 1/4" or 1/2" plywood sheet
  • #220 grit sandpaper
  • Small decorative clothespins
  • Gorilla glue or another type of super glue
  • 3m command picture strips


  • table saw or circular saw
  • miter saw
  • orbital sander (optional)
  • level
  • ruler or tape measure


  1. Cut plywood to size and sand the edges of the wood.
  2. Secure two mini clothespins to each plywood frame using glue.
  3. Attach the clipboard frame to the wall.
  4. Insert your pictures using the clothespins and enjoy your photo display on your wall.
DIY clipboard frames


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    1. Thanks, Christine!

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