4 Different Ways to DIY Chalkboard Lettering

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4 different ways to easily DIY chalkboard lettering without a stencil, in other words, how to trace letters onto a chalkboard.

I decided to create a chalkboard sign, but what chalkboard lettering technique is the easiest, cheapest, and best way to trace letters? I had no clue, and everyone said their way the best and easiest. So I decided to test four different ways to DIY chalkboard lettering without a stencil because I do not have a fancy machine… And this is what I found.

DIY chalkboard lettering

SIDE NOTE: There is a video about each technique below.

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Before going into each technique I want to also make this a how-to tutorial. A tutorial on how to trace letters onto a chalkboard. So lets talk about those steps also.


The easiest way to create your template is on a computer then printing the template onto paper. Mine was longer than one sheet of paper so I did have to tape it together.

laundry room chalkboard sign

Next cut each section of the sign out. Then center the text onto the chalkboard and tape one side into place.

cut letters for chalkboard tracing

Now its time for lettering techniques.


I am going to break down each technique below. Then have a video after so you can see the whole process.

  1. Tracing onto paper with pen or pencil – This technique is the easiest, but it was the hardest to see. So I would not recommend this method.pencil tracing onto chalkboard
  2. Adding chalk to the back of the paper, then tracing with a pencil – This technique worked better than the first but still not my favorite.chalk trace onto chalkboard sign
  3. Add charcoal to the back of the paper (from a pencil) then trace with a pencil – This technique was my favorite because it did not require anything extra, just a pencil. Plus it’s easy to see!charcoal trace onto chalkboard sign
  4. Using transfer paper between the paper and chalkboard then trace with a pencil – This technique worked great but does require transfer paper.technique to trace letters

And here’s the video on DIY chalkboard lettering techniques.


Now that the letters are all traced you can trace over them with chalk. I would recommend using a chalk marker because it’s harder to wipe off so your letters will last longer.

Once all the letters are traced with chalk your sign is complete.

use chalk marker to trace letters

SIDE NOTE: If you plan on not rewriting the sign, use a clear coat of spray paint over the sign to protect the letters from getting removed.

Also if you want to create this same frame from an old wooden window, you can see how to upcycle an old window into a chalkboard sign, here.

trace letters onto chalkboard sign

I hope this tutorial helps you know what technique to use the next time you DIY chalkboard lettering. Plus its so easy it great for any beginner who wants to learn how to trace letters onto a chalkboard.

DIY chalkboard lettering

DIY Chalkboard Lettering

Yield: chalkboard lettering
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 40 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Testing four different ways to DIY chalkboard lettering, see which technique is the easiest way to trace letters onto a chalkboard.



  • printer
  • tape & scissors
  • ruler


  1. Create your template.
  2. Trace your letters onto the chalkboard using one of the four techniques.
  3. Use chalk marker.
different DIY chalkboard lettering techniques
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