How to Clean Copper Pipes under the Sink

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Have you ever looked under your kitchen sink and all you see is a nasty green/blue pipe. Then you think I am pretty sure that should be copper??? I was having that every time I would look under my sink. And I would always think that pipe needs to be replaced.

How to clean copper pipe

I was having a conversation with my dad about replacing some pipes in our house (adding our dishwasher!!!). I told him about the copper pipes under my sink and another one I was really worried about. My dad then told me about cleaning copper pipes. What you can clean off that green stuff?

How to clean copper pipe

So, how do you clean a copper pipe? It’s really easy and can be cleaned with a household item. And that item is Ketchup, that’s right, Ketchup. When my dad told me, I had a really hard time believing it and tried it as soon as I got off the phone with him. The best part is that it really does work. All you have to do is take a steel sponge and add some ketchup to it then scrub the pipe.

How to clean copper pipe

You will see magic before your very eyes…

How to clean copper pipe

Now not all copper pipes just need some cleaning, take the other pipe I was worried about. This one just needs to be replaced. As a side note: this was one of the pipes the previous owners were going to frame in without fixing. 

Copper pipe

Anyone else have nasty pipes in their house? If they are copper, I really hope this helps you out!

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  1. I am planning on remodeling my kitchen and I’ll be replacing the pipes that I currently have set up. The pipes that I am replacing have gotten really eroded and I want to avoid this in the future. You mentioned that ketchup will help clean copper pipes and this blew my mind! I’ll be sure to try that in the future.

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