Changing the Outside Porch Light

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Our back porch light was very sad… It did not even have a cover for the light.

change an old porch light

And if anyone is like us, we are not very good at remembering to turn the light on before leaving. Because when we leave its light and dark when we get home then we can not see where we are walking or where to put the key into the lock. It was very frustrating to say the least. So we decided it was time to change the light and change it to a motion light.

I was a little worried about changing the light (we have had the light for over a month) but after watching a couple videos and reading this blog. I knew I could do it.

VERY IMPORTANT turn the power off to the the light by turning off the breaker. Then remove the light bulb and remove the screws that are holding the light onto the bracket.

Side note: every light can be a little different just follow your instructions. That’s what I did and I make it out alive.

I got a very exciting surprise behind that light. Spider, Spider, and Bugs…. (One thing about me, I do not like bugs and think that they should not be anywhere on/in or around my house, I don’t live in their home they live in mine and I did not invite them) 

After getting a stick, I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned. I did find a friend but he did not last very long.

Finally a clean light….

Next I placed the new bracket for the light.

Then I attached the wires, white to white, black to black and ground wire to the screw. This new light had a foam pad that made it so there was no gap, this means no bugs… What I like to see!

installing a porch light

Then a new motion light, that works! I know its not the prettiest light but it will work great for what we need.

And if you can not remember the before light…

The NEW light.. I know I still need to finish that door.

DIY porch light

I am pretty happy that I did this. My husband was happy to come home to this too.

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