Do you have a fantastic home remodel?

Then TwoFeetFirst would love to feature you! You do not need to be a blogger to be featured (we want to be inspired by everyone!) but if you are a blogger we would love to feature you also!!!

So if you have a home remodel (called Remodel Love on this blog) that TwoFeetFirst would love, email your submission to

What your email must include:

  • For the SUBJECT LINE: “Remodel Love – then feature name (enter what the project is)”. This will help me know what remodel you’d like me to feature.
  • Your first name (or the name you would like to be called).
  • Your blog address (if you have one!).
  • one amazing image of the final remodel (but you can also attach a couple more)
  • one not so amazing image before the remodel
  • a short introduction to you (and your blog). Please only 1-2 paragraphs long.
  • a walk-through process of the project – let us know what you did, what choices you made, etc. You can also include more picture for this part if you would like. (this can be short but the more info the better! You can also include links to your blog on how you did something).
  • time and cost breakdown (this can be simple or more detailed — it’s up to you!)
  • product sources, if related.

Thank you for your support of TwoFeetFirst, and we look forward to seeing your submission!

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