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One side of our garage was missing a very important thing, a rain gutter. We are in the process of building a shed to place on this side of the garage but before that happens we needed to add a rain gutter. So this is how we installed a rain gutter.

How to add a gutter to a garage.


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The first thing you should do is measure the distance of the space. For this project, we are using supplies found at our local hardware store but I would suggest looking into a seamless style (see if a local company will make it for you and you install the gutter, will save on cost but will look better).

Once the space is measured purchase the supplies you need. SIDE NOTE: Purchase enough hangers to be 3 ft apart but one for each end of a gutter piece.

We found it to be beneficiary to test fit all the pieces before adding them. TIP: Use a flat head screwdriver to open some of the pieces.

How to add a gutter to a garage.

I would suggest caulking the end caps in place during this step. TIP: Use plyers to clap the metal tighter.

How to add a gutter to a garage.

For the building that the gutter is being installed, you want it to have a slight down slope on the side that has the downspout. To do this use a level but if you want to make it even easier, use a chalk line that marks the desired slope from end to end. The top of the gutter will sit on the line. SIDE NOTE: If you have a drip edge on your roof the gutter will sit under that.

Now take your gutter hanger (the ones with screws are amazingly easy) and attach them to the gutter. Have one at each end and about 3 ft between.

How to add a gutter to a garage.

The pieces are now ready to install on the building. Make sure you place the gutter under the drip edge and along the chalk line and attach them into place.

Once everything is installed, caulk the seams to prevent water from seeping out.

How to add a gutter to a garage.

You will also want to install a downspout but because we decided on a rain barrel we did things a little different.

I hope this helps you install a rain gutter. Just remember the three important steps: have the gutter at a slope, it needs to be under the drip edge, and seal the seams.

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