Take out that framing

Our basement needs to be completely remodeled but before that can happen we need to demo. Something that needed to be removed is the framing that the previous owners installed. They really did not know what they were doing because they were just waiting for some water damage with what they had planned.

Laundry Room

And we had/have water coming into our house from the outside and this has been happening before we bought the house. And get this they were just going to frame that in.


We have had lots of rain this winter and with that rain we are finding that our leak from before is still leaking. We have found that the leak is not coming from the foundation but from the pipe itself. Meaning the pipe with the wiring has a crack somewhere and we are thinking right were our downspout comes out.

But we are also wondering if there is a leak somewhere else because we have had a lot of water in the corner of the room. But we can not see anything because of the framing. So we decided it was time to take out that framing.

We have found that whoever did the framing did not know what they were doing but I already said that. I mean does each spot you nail one 2 x4 need 5 nails, answer not really. Because of this we got a really good arm workout, who needs a gym when you have framing to remove. (And if you know my husband he did go to the gym then removed the framing, to say the least he got a really good workout.)

Taking down framing

We started removing the framing with just a hammer but quickly ran to the store to get a pry bar. We got the 21-in Stantley Pry Bar, it was called the wonder bar and it was wonderful… After getting the pry bar things moved a little faster.

Removing the framing has really opening up the space, we gained an extra 8 inches… Plus we removed the curtains and we have a very bright room.

Framing removed

And just look at the hall, I can not wait to finish the basement and leave some of that brick exposed.

Remove framing

Now its time to clean up the room because the walls really need to be cleaned. Anyone else doing some demo?


  1. says

    WOW! Glad you guys know what you are doing. I can’t believe they were just going to build over that!

    I love following your blog and watching your house become a home. You (and your hubby) are doing such an amazing job with it!! I love seeing everything that YOU do, it makes me feel like maybe I can do it too, that the hubby doesn’t have to do everything :)

    • Megan says

      Thanks Emily! Sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment, I was having computer issues. And YOU can do it too!!! You are amazing and I look forward to your new blog!!!

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